Sound Recording

Available Packages

ENG on location

Basic package consists of an SD633 mixer/recorder, Sennheiser 416 48v powered microphone, 2 Sanken breakaway lavalier, 2 Sony 77b lavalier, 2 frequency agile Lectro 411a diversity systems, Vandenberg 6 stage graphite boom pole and the related carrying bags.  We also use Sennheiser MKE2 microphones, which are hideable and are the workhorse of the reality shows.

second mixer is $50/day extra 

extra lectro wireless systems are $75/day each 

timecode links, com-tek, extra microphones and other client requested gagetry is all worked out at a fair package price.

Feature Film/Agency Advert

Feature style shooting involves a sound cart, a 12 channel mixer, recording onto two simultaneous drives, HD recorders such as a Sound Devices 744T or 788T, or a multi-track digi Zaxcom mixer recorder. 

6 wireless and 2 boom mics are employed with all the necessary drivers and transmission equipment. A weekly package price is negotiated with a contract beforehand, depending on the needs and budget of the production.

For more information call: (917) 519-7555, Mike will return your call if he's out shooting.  He will call you back on the next break.